Do.11.6. CALLERS (usa) + BOB CORN (ita) @ Frankfurt

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Do.11.6. CALLERS (usa) + BOB CORN (ita) @ Frankfurt

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Donnerstag, 11.06.2009 @ CLUBKELLER
Textorstr.26 - FFM/Sachsenhausen
Einlass 21:00 - Beginn 22:00 (!pünktlich!) - Eintritt: 7 Euro

MentalMaps presents

CALLERS (usa) + BOB CORN (ita)


Callers /// QuietAtmosphericFolkPop, Brooklyn/USA


Bob Corn /// SadPunkSingerSongwriter, Italien

Und hier ein paar CALLERS-Reviews . . . .

"The band's music is full of blues and country references, although the songwriting has a progressive approach to these genres: some tracks like "More Than Right" make Nick Cave's slower ballads spring to mind, while others recall The Cowboy Junkies of course, and - once again - Joni Mitchell." – The Deli NYC

"A textural/experimental streak runs through Seaton's guitar playing, showing influences of Ben Monder when in jazz mode, Loren MazzaCane Connors in bluesier settings. Lucas' octave-jumping and sudden shifts from sweetness to sorrow evoke the young Joni Mitchell, although she has her own personality. Folk singers-songwriters aficionados need to pay attention: either Callers will be the next big thing on the scene, or Fortune will become a sought-after rarity. Highly recommended."
– All-Music Guide, Francois Couture

"Brooklyn’s Callers have an unstoppable combination going for them: the pairing of Sara Lucas’ hauntingly rich and ambient vocals with Ryan Seaton’s virtuoso guitar playing." – Pop Matters