Wer spielt wo und wer geht hin?

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Donnerstag, 12.04.2007 - Frankfurt - CLUBKELLER

(Malmö/Göteburg - SWE)
MostlyInstrumentalIndiePostRock à la

Textorstr.26 - FFM/Sachsenhausen
Einlass 21.00 - Beginn 21.30
Eintritt: 6 Euro
Anschl. SISTERHEART m. Flores Dolores & Mauerblümchen

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>> Tour Diary

[...] Scraps of Tape geben ihm mehr und mehr. instrumentaler wahnsinn (nur selten mit text unterlegt) zum niederknien. [...]

[...] Four songs with vocals, one with choirs, five instrumentals. Recorded in Malmö by Mathias Oldén (Logh, Switchblade, Last Days Of April) and mixed in Pelle Gunnerfeldts studio Gröndal (Breach, The Hives, Fireside) in Stockholm, and finally mastered by Harris Newman (GY!BE, Fly Pan AM) in Toronto, Canada. Together, these songs form a perfect unity. [...]

[...] Ringing clean guitars and swirling effects; dingy basslines thudding away in the distance; crashing, distorted power chords; and fucking powerful, at times almost frantic drumming… it’s all gold. [...]

[...] If there were more bands like Scraps of Tape out in the world, this so-called "post-rock" genre wouldn't appear to be downing in a sea of similarity to those who casually peer into this world. [...]

+ + + + + + + + + + +

Mi.11.04. VELVETEEN (ffm) @ Clubkeller FFM
Di.29.05. THE SUBROSA FALCON ASSOCIATION (wasserburg) @ Clubkeller FFM
Mi.20.06. FIN FANG FOOM (usa) + BEN DAVIS & THE JETTS (usa) @ Clubkeller FFM
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more dates ...

04.04.07 F Paris, Divan du Monde
05.04.07 NL Utrecht, DB Studios / 3voor12
06.04.07 UK Coventry, Taylor Johns
07.04.07 UK Exeter, The Cavern
08.04.07 UK London, TBA
10.04.07 UK Leeds, The Brudenell
11.04.07 UK Margate, Pharmacy Place
12.04.07 GER Frankfurt, Clubkeller
13.04.07 GER Cologne, Blue Shell
14.04.07 LUX Esch/Alzette, Out Of The Crowd Festival

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morgen abend!

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Geht wer mit mir hin?
We want to howl!

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scraps of tape (swe) // mi.15.04. clubkeller ffm

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MentalMaps presents

Mittwoch, 15.04.2009

NoisyIndiePostRock, SWE

Tolle Band, besonders Live, endlich wieder auf Tour und zudem mit ziemlich schöner neuer Platte am Start. Irgendwo zwischen Logh und Sonic Youth ...

CLUBKELLER - Textorstr.26 - FFM/Sachsenhausen
Einlass 21:00 - Beginn 22:00 - Eintritt: 7 Euro -

mit Katinka und Timida

+ + + + + + +

Scraps Of Tape started in 2001 and the members has during these eight years constantly been working with the band in one way or another. Six European tours, one tour in Japan (for two weeks!) and a bunch of one-off shows makes up a total of over 100 live shows in 14 different countries the last years. Besides, with at least three tours in Europe and Japan planned for 2009 it looks like this is only the beginning.
Grand Letdown is the third fullenght album from Scraps Of Tape. It’s recorded by Mathias Oldén (Logh, Switchblade) in Mission Hall, Sebbarp and mixed by the very same in Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm.
Scraps Of Tape is based in Malmö, Sweden and consists of Johan Gustavsson, Jerker Kaj, Kenneth Jansson, Marcus Nilsson and Mikael Persson. The members can also be found in bands like Fredrik, The VIII Arms Around You, Ghostbike, Tsukimono och Viktor Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble.
/A Tenderversion Recording, 2009

Scraps Of Tape has always been about creating emotional music filled with playfulness an energy. The harmonies is drawn towards the gloomy and desperate while the melodies creates hope and a feeling of being able to overcome any obstacle and accomplish any goal you have in front of you. All of this is then tied together by a great amount of energy and creativity.
The music is most often referred to as post-rock but if you’re stopping there you are merely scratching on the surface on all of the widely spread musical influences that all together makes up what Scraps Of Tape is all about.
On their first album they sounded like an instrumental crossover between bob hund and Mogwai. On the second album the heavyness got heavyer and the harmonies got more harmonic and it got you thinking of both Isis and Joan Of Arc at the same time. On their third album Grand Letdown, Scraps Of Tape has taken all of this and pushed it through a grinder making something very compact, mature and confident. And like a cherry on top the vocals and the personal lyrics are taking all of this to a new level.
/A Tenderversion Recording, 2009

"With their debut release Read Between the Lines At All Times
in 2004, Scraps of Tape emerged onto the instrumental music scene
as a band showing incredible promise.
The album was steeped in emotion at every turn, with a great diversity
and subtlety present in each song's creation,
and most bands would be hard pressed to deliver
a sophomore effort after such a stellar debut.
Fortunately, Scraps of Tape isn’t like most bands.
Instead of rushing to produce its next album, the band took its time,
completed a few tours, and grew as a band, something that really shows
with this new release. This Is A Copy Is This A Copy improves
on the debut in every area. It’s got the emotion,
the great songwriting, the diversity, the subtlety,
the heavy parts, the quieter parts…but the significance
is that This Is A Copy…has got more of them. Much more."
/James Ould, The Silent Ballet
musik und der rest - zum lesen - unter www