UNKLE - The Road Part. II / Lost Highway

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UNKLE - The Road Part. II / Lost Highway

Beitrag von Klaus » Mo Apr 08, 2019 1:56 pm


CD 1
Iter VI: Prologue (feat. Elliott Power)
Requiem (When you talk about love) (feat. Mark Lanegan, John Isaacs, Michèle Lamy & Brian Cox)
Ar.mour (feat. Elliott Power & Mïnk)
Iter VII: Lost (feat. Philip Sheppard & Tom Smith)
The other side (feat. Tom Smith & Philip Sheppard)
Feel more / With less (feat. Liela Moss, Mïnk & Philip Sheppard)
Nothing to give (feat. Mïnk, Elliott Power & Jon Theodore)
Iter VIII: However vast the darkness (feat. Brian Cox)
Long gone (feat. Tessa Angus, Ysée & Philip Sheppard)
Only you (feat. Mïnk & Wil Malone)
The first time ever I saw your face (feat. Keaton Henson & Philip Sheppard)
CD 2
Iter IX: Epilogue / Tales of the city (feat. Elliott Power)
Crucifixion / A prophet (feat. Tom Smith, Ian Astbury, Chris Goss, Eska, Mïnk, Boc, Troy Van Leeuwen & Justin Stanley)
Powder man (feat. Chris Goss)
Kubrick (feat. Mick Jones)
Sun (The) (feat. Liela Moss)
Find an outsider (feat. The Big Pink)
Iter X: Found (feat. Christiane Kubrick)
Days and nights (feat. Dhani Harrison, Philip Sheppard & Andrew Innes)
Reprise (feat. Dhani Harrison)
Iter XI: In your arms (feat. Brian Cox)
Touch me (feat. Liela Moss)

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